At The Time


Of this posting I should be sleeping in.

Sleeping in after staying up too late watching horror films on cable, instead of getting up early running with Team FX, because I ran Friday morning in the humid heat, because running together and with kids is hard to do-also, because Evan's birthday party is today and I need to clean the house.

I love October. I love the hints of cold air, or what passes for cold in Texas. Soon, I'll be roasting chicken or beef, and preparing root vegetables like parsnips, beets and yams; or making chilis and casseroles. Soon the outside of the house will be covered in "cobwebs" and "gravestones" for this month is Owen's favorite month.

I'm waiting for October to fully arrive, cold air and all.

Last night, though, was baked tuna, steamed cabbage, brown rice, as movies were watched, kids ding-dong ditched each other in the neighborhood, popcorn and significant amount of good red wine.