I've been thinking a great deal about sexuality lately. Shows are growing quite popular, kind of to standing room levels, and the vibe in the room is always so good, so....wholesome, even.

I have a hard time explaining what I mean by that, wholesome, though here is a lovely definition, "Promoting health and well being in mind or spirit, or body."

How can a show that covers the raunchy range of human sexual experience, that includes confessions of extremely creative and (by my measure) nearly physically impossible bodily acts, be wholesome? Certainly our Right Wing wouldn't consider our show "good for the country." I'm sure we'd be branded as witches, Jezebels, harlots and traitors of proper womanhood, if they got a hold of us.

Well, there are the obvious things one could point out. There is no nudity. There aren't any kind of hook up mechanisms. There aren't images or films involving actual sex. But that's not really what I'm getting at. And to consider nudity unwholesome is a whole other post, isn't it?

There are also a few less obvious things I've noticed. A wide range of ages, races, orientations, abilities and gender identification. Humor. Humor does tend to keep things light, but it also helps reveal things.

What I think it gets down to is honor.  I think this wholesomeness, this health, vitality, sound, fit and hearty production; this sensual literate intelligent funny experience is something that happened quite organically, because it came naturally from the hearts of the producers, the artists who have performed with us, and the audience who has gathered over the past year.

The approach is that sexual rights are human rights. That what we do is political. That how we gather is intentional.  That we are relational animals and want to connect in a multitude of ways.

I think, and I believe my co-producers and artists agree, we are honoring an integral part of the human experience, sexuality and relationships, that is often quite dishonored in our culture.

To do that, means other people can feel honored and offer respect to the body, to pleasure and to connection. To feel less shame about our bodies, to be kind and loving and accept each other in all our diversity. To promote a feeling of well being in mind and body (as well as a creation of very happy tingling and sexy feelings all over).

So for me? That's the very definition of wholesomeness.