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Bedpost Confessions went up to Dallas to the Kessler Theater to do our first Out-Of-Town show. It was a good time, we learned a huge amount, and are so excited about doing more shows in other communities. One of the key pieces of feedback we get after shows is nearly always, "What you all are doing is so important. People need to be able to talk about sexuality." This feedback really hits to the heart of me. The show, while massively entertaining, is not just about entertainment. It's about creating a space for communication to happen-not only communication between people like lovers and friends, but a communication inside of individuals. What do I want? How do I share that? Who am I in relationship to sexuality, my own and others.

That might sound too "deep" but frankly I think sex is deep. It's fun, sure. And it can be casual, but in my opinion it is never without meaning. Sex is never meaningless. I think all human interaction has some level of meaning, of story. I'm all about opening up that dialogue so that the stories are more authentic, less hidden, less shamed.

And also I like entertaining people. And all of us at Bedposts do that well. We have the opportunity to do more out of town shows, and I'm glad we'll get the chance to head to San Francisco and Boston, but I'm also damn interested in heading places like Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Houston, St. Louis. Why not Lubbock! I want to see what the sexually curious and sex positive people are up to in those cities that might not have the ease and liberal protection that places like NYC or LA have. Get connected to all kinds of places in the middle, meet those folks and hear their stories. Of course, we might get ridden out on a rail.....


In other news, the children have traveled all the way to Oregon to spend two weeks with their grandparents. They are having (already) the time of their lives, and I'm unhooking slowly from the mental space that requires me to always have them in a big quadrant of my mind. It's been 11 years since I've spent two weeks on my own, so to speak, without care-taking them, directing them, feeding them and so forth. I miss them. I found myself wandering around the house yesterday wondering where they were. Even though of course I knew.

Connections are like silver threads between us. They run deep and they last.

It's a tremendously weird feeling to realize I can what I want when I want without much planning. That's the kicker really. I do shit-tons of stuff, but all of it takes significant negotiation, timing, sitterage, and planning. There is rarely spontaneity. Today I am lying around and resting. Unhooking a little. I've had two nights of EPIC dreams, that's for sure. Tonight will be Vintage Vivant down at Swan Dive! Paris, Left Bank, Bohemian Dreams.

Luckily, Skype and modern technology make their rosy little faces only an internet connection away. They look precious and overwhelmed with newness and fun. I'm happy for them.


Finally, I have to do some planning for a dinner party. I'm to cook a huge Indian curry kind of thing. I'm not precisely daunted, but I'm not experienced in this cuisine so I'm hoping I don't mangle it too much. So tempted to just order takeout and lie!

Back to the bed and to the cooking books and to the unhooking.


  1. Congratulations on Bedpost Confessions, and enjoy your "vacation!"


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