Tadpoles, Snakes, Pillbugs

Mine is a house filled with things designed to drive a girly girl mad. It's a good thing I am not a girly girl.

Case in point, we have a snake (and dead mice to feed it...all the mammals are food).

Case in point, we apparently have an overgrowth, a colony, an empire of pillbugs living under our house and they have nightly disco parties in the bathtub. They like carrots.

The latest addition to this (gender essentialist) horror museum is a large tupperware container filled with tadpoles of some kind. Frogs? Toads? I'm not quite sure how to tell the difference but I do know they are growing and thriving on our patio. They went from eggy specks to black betailed little swimmers.

What do to with them when they are ready to hop out, plague like, into the yard?