What We Have Got This Christmas Season

Not enough sleep then more than enough sleep, naps, parties, not as many hangovers as I would have thought, wine, cognac, shopping late in the game, bad television, children debating whether to wake us-loudly, magic tricks, coffee dates, kids sneaking chocolate, hot coffee in the AM, bath gear, waffles, legos, star wars, fancy aprons (for each of us!), ramekins, books, bug books, reptile books, science books, Futurama Volume 5, scooters, lights, a hot shower, rainstorms, trips to the greenbelt, Gordon Lightfoot, movie nights, pumpkin pie, ham, sauteed kale, gumbo, mashed potatoes, stuffing with pecans and cranberries, beaujolais, champagne, cream puffs.

Rock band.

Some success both personal and personal. Love. Reconnection. 18 years of Christmas with my love. Children predicting that their Xmas Eve gift is PJ's. Time and the awareness of it. Knowing which things are the important things.


  1. Now THOSE are what I would call great gifts.

    Merry Christmas, Julie!


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