The Way I Like It

The past four days have been marvelous.

Five days? I don't know. Just a lot of amazing stuff, people, food, theater.

Friday, we had a little dessert party with some close friends who we don't see all that often (thought I suspect that trend will change). Out late, and saturated with wine and sugar, I still woke up very happy and pleased to have such amazing friends.

Saturday, I cleaned the house scrupulously in preparation for a huge event on Sunday, but Saturday night I was able to go and see produced through Paper Chairs.

I just want to say that I really love Dustin Wills' work. The set was beautiful. The lighting was beautiful. The staging and choreography was beautiful. The cast was.... Well the cast should be illegal. They were attractive to the point of impudence. They were gorgeous in the most distracting and mind-boggling way, all of them.

Oh, and they were talented too. Whatever, talent.

The play itself made me a bit crazy. I have a hard time with dramatic, selfish Art And Art Alone poets/painters so forth and so on (for the love of all things Musical, I could not get into Rent, I just wanted to scold them all and I get it, Bohemia, but really. I've seen it several times and I understand why I am supposed to feel moved and deep and connected but each time I just. get. annoyed).

Art is important, vital certainly. I've spent the majority of my years on this earth promoting, participating and enjoying it. But the selfishness of a character like Baal....I cannot connect, and perhaps that is the point. What is art without people? What is life without love? I imagine Baal to be a very hard character to live with as an actor, though who knows. This production did a tremendous job with the distancing effect Brecht intended, and I did feel a mix of difficult emotions while watching. Go see it. It was crazy good.

Sunday was the Austin Improv Collective Thanksgiving Potluck. This was the 5th year, I believe and the second year at our home. All the improvisers get together from all the various theaters and schools and have a huge gathering with food, drink, and love notes to each other.

After dark fell, I was in the back of my yard looking towards the patio which was crowded and buzzing like a little hive. Scores of small brown envelopes hung from twine with clothespins and were filled with tiny notes of good will from each other. The twinkly lights above the paper and twine made the envelopes look like lanterns in the breeze. We had over 100 people visiting, the patio tables laden with food, the living room itself was filled with every dessert imaginable, the kitchen table covered in wine, all just the way I like it. There were children and dogs playing, actors bouncing on the trampoline, countless trails of very human, very real stories weaving themselves in and around each other, using the house as an expressway and a dirt road and a lymph system to connect, create art and love and more stories and I felt very, very happy.