Things That Are Fine

This weekend was calm. This is good. Friday I took off, and I had hoped to have one of those "mellow yet busy yet focused on my health" kind of days that sounds good in theory but didn't really pan out that way.

The past two weeks or so have been incredibly stressful with some of the stress completely out of my control, and some of it within, and a fair pieces of completely both which doesn't really make sense, except it does. Some of the stress was worthless stress. Some was just part of my life as a daughter of someone with Alzheimer's.

Happily though, some was really positive and while I don't make a habit of discussing my work on this blog or elsewhere online, let's just say I had a completely successful and highly praised event and made a lot of important people very happy both with the results of my work, but also with me. That's a good thing.

Nearly all of the stresses (except for some things regarding my mother) resolved themselves on Wednesday and I slept 11 hours on Wednesday night, and 12 on Friday night. Saturday I felt like myself again, or mostly myself so I went to a stop or two of EAST, mostly because I knew the artists and just hung out and played with colorful tiles and wished that I had the hand eye coordination and spatial/vision creativity required to produce lovely art projects.

I am good with my body, with people, animals and cooking. I am not good with detail work, design, plants, or making things look beautiful. This is fine.

Afterward, we went out to Green Gate for their potluck/fundraiser for Heifer, Intl, and listened to music and played with the baby goats (naturally).

The evening was spent with my friend Mo, while Chris saw some theater and the kids created chaos. Today has been a day of domesticity, cooking, filling my calendar up (and good god how is December so filled?).

I'm making a roast chicken, root vegetable thing tonight, and I'll post recipes on Tuesday for the past few meals.

I'm excited about Thanksgiving with much loved friends, for the parties around the corner, for the cold air, for the food and wine and potential.