I'm not usually fond of sweets, preferring to spend my calories and hedonistic intake on savory treats. Bags of chips or bowls of roasted nuts, sauces and crusts rather than ice cream or pastries.

Unless of course, there is a sharpness to the sweet food, like let's say a smoky deep coffee ice cream. A crumbly bourbon praline, with a oh so slight burnt edge to it. A dense bitter dark cocoa brownie filled with chile hot enough to cause just the right amount of pain.

I was reminded tonight of a basil ice cream that I had at an amazing restaurant here in town, the aromatic spice of the basil contrasting with the cream in such a way that I could have consumed it for hours without the cloying sense of sickness that many sweets give me. Set off by lemon and goat cheese, it was nearly the perfect dessert.

I suppose I tend to appreciate the longing and lonely quality that a non traditional confection brings, rather than the cheap and tawdry pleasures of an easy sugar fix.

That's just how I'm built.