Thanksgiving, great food (pecan and cranberry cornbread stuffing, three turkeys!, garlic mashed sweet potatoes, cream and butter filled mashed potatoes, corn pudding, butternut squash soup, spinach salad, braised chard, myriad and ample desserts), amazing people, and time.

I've felt astonishingly well today, both physically and emotionally.

Here are some reasons I've been considering for my feeling of wellness-

A sudden drop of temperature which feels AMAZING. BOOTS!!!!!
Not having to get up at any particular time or report to any particular person (probably a huge factor).
Going to the farm and picking tomatoes.
Working out every day.
Time to just think.
Reading page after page of Hyperbole and a Half.

I have some skills which I put to good use in my career and avocation-multitasking, producing, lobbying, talking, listening, responding, nurturing, arranging, managing. People skills. Thinky skills. Busy busy busy skills. Performing and creating skills.

And it's very stimulating, and very satisfying at times. Sometimes though it makes me all a little ragged around the edges, probably because I'm doing it all at once and not actually taking many breaks. Any breaks. Really ragged.


Clearly I need a new gig, preferably one where I get to sort of just fuck around and be productive in a way that isn't productive in the way I've been doing it. Maybe it's a new attitude about what I already do. Maybe it's kind of a dropping out of things and saying "fuck all" for a while. Realignment.

And cold weather for hats and scarves.


  1. HAHA. I'm the same way. For me,

    50 degrees = TURTLENECKS AND BOOTS!


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