Kitchen Sink Soup, Kale Pasta

The CSA this week was filled with roots.


I roasted two butternut squash, three turnips, 6 small radishes, green onions, a small head of cauliflower, some carrots, garlic and two potatoes. In butter.

I peeled the things that needed peeling and chopped up the rest and placed it in a large pot with a can of corn and a thing of chicken stock (32 oz). I immersion blended all of it, added some white wine, sage, red pepper. I did not strain it for that perfect velvety soup, but I figure the fiber is all good.

It's decent. If I could go back in time, I'd toss the turnips (I just don't like turnips) and add sweet potato instead. Curry would be good with this.

But, with crusty bread and a touch of sour cream, it's a nice soup.


I sauteed tuna, garlic, the remaining ripe tomatoes from the CSA, and kale in olive oil and tossed it with fresh pasta and cheese.