Apropos Of Nothing

If I were to win a huge lottery, a heap of money, a helping of riches that I couldn't spend down if I tried, here are some of the completely indulgent things (aside from houses, nice cars, clothes, scholarships and endowments, personal assistants and trainers) that I would procure.

1) A huge bouncy house planetarium for my back yard(s). I was just in one of these mobile planetarium units recently and I thought, damn. That would be fun to have in the back yard. Since spending wouldn't be an issue, I'd buy one.

2) Owls. I love owls and so I'd get some. Little ones, big ones. Probably this would be as part of a ranch purchase cause I really think keeping one in a cage would be uncool.

3) Pygmy Marmosets. Why not, really.

4) I'd purchase land and create a primate rehabilitation center because I think that chimps and orangs and such should not be tortured in the name of human health. They need a place to live after they've been mangled for science and I'd happily spend money on that.

5) In the cities that I loved, like Seattle and Austin and Athens and so forth, I'd purchase and renovate warehouse space and create a very low cost or free rehearsal/studio location for bands and artists to create their work, film, dance, writing etc. Maybe even one of those hepped up sexy artist colonies.

6) I'd open or support the opening of centers that support sex education, sexual literacy, coaltions amongst various political groups supporting LGBT/Sex etc rights. Well, of course I would. Extra fun plus to open them in very conservative cities.

7) I would go to restaurants I like and buy the place out and order everything on the menu just so I could try it. Wasteful probably, but man, haven't you ever had that situation where you wanted to order something and didn't know if you liked it? This way you could do that.

8) I'd track down other really wealthy folks and be all like....DONATE YOUR DAMN MONEY.

9) Wouldn't it be romantic to own a vineyard? Or an organic urban farm? Or at least support the holy people who do that work?

10) I'd go back to school eternally and get education in things like counseling, law, social work, art, public affairs. I'd be a professional do-gooder and do good all over the place.

I'm a believer that your fantasies indicate who you most want to be, and boy I'd love to just help my friends and loved ones create, be whole and real, and enjoy their god given human rights. I suppose I'm already doing a bit of that, but I'd dig having the cash to do more.

And get those adorbable marmosets.