Up early, I volunteered at Gnap's Garage Sale (in conjunction with Trouble Puppet Theater), and I walked away with a pretty nice bike for $10. It was covered in yellow duct tape, which makes me fantasize that the bike belonged to Yellow Tape Construction Company at one point. I took most of the tape off, but left a few flashes of color.

Not much else going on today. A little work, a little hanging out, a lot of kid free time. We were to go out tonight, to a birthday event, but the husband isn't feeling very well. I'm not sure if I'll go alone or not. I might stay in, I might go out. I bet you are dying to know which path I choose.

Currently, I am driving my child crazy as he is writing a story. Which makes no sense. And so I am doing a little storytelling 101. He is not happy.

Perhaps we will neither survive, or perhaps the story of the Fire Lord and the Guardian Military will become a real story with real exposition.

Time will tell.