Party In The CSA

We joined up with Green Gate Farms recently and it's been a fun thing both for our palates but also the kids. The farm is really lovely and on the first trip out, the eldest child got to see brand new (like freshly birthed) baby goats.

Which made him about as happy as a pig in mud.

Come to think of it there were a few muddy pigs there.

We get a nice big bag of produce-this week we had peppers, arugula, zukes, yellow squash, turnips, radishes and a funny little green squash. They've got eggs, milk, honey and happy meat as well.

Today I made an arugula salad with an egg scramble mixed with some yellow squash and spinach I had. Tonight we are going to slow roast vegetables with rosemary and lemon.

It's all pretty awesome.

I have this fantasy that I will somehow find my inner environmentalist/hippie/off the grid/gardener/picturesque farm to table owner. I have a lot of skills, but keeping plants alive and tolerating mud under my nails is not really among them. I am a Type A, LGBTQQIAPK situated producer of events, theater, activism and diplomacy. I race around and have an ADD type brain. I do not garden. I do not birth goats. Well, not as of yet, anyway.

My mother in law does though, she's always farmed, gardened, canned, hoe'd, chicken raise, goat herded and worked her ever loving ass off. She's a tremendous landscaper and domestic goddess. My husband has a great deal of ability in the create a garden, chop wood carry water, most of which was gleaned from his completely off the grid 70's childhood.

For now, I'm happy to support those local farmers and eat healthy clean organic food and happy pigs and beef, and rest peacefully knowing I'm doing my part in my part of the world, and they are doing theirs.

This guy is also doing his part. For something. And he's fucking adorable.

Party on.