Notes From Random

Last week, I decided to take the weekend off (as much as possible) from being busy, social media, blogging, so forth and so on.

I did, and it helped (sort of) that I wound up sick as a dog most of the weekend, and am still home today. A cold of some sort with body aches and the like.

Friday, the littlest went to spend the night with a friend and so the biggest got to choose a movie and meal to spend with us. He wanted a Futurama movie, pizza and wings.

I have to admit, it was really fun, just pigging the fuck out, though I felt kind of sick afterward and more than a little sodium enriched. But it was fun just sitting in front of a movie with my kid, watching him laugh at really bad jokes.

The next day was mostly me reeling from the cold, but we did get out to do a community party for the marathon team Chris is on. We watched Hot Tub Time Machine after, with me hopped up on cold meds.

Sunday was a wash, and today I'm just lying about.

Not much of interest, yea? But I realized that I need to learn some other renewal methods, cause just disconnecting for a day or two isn't really the deal. I didn't get out, didn't do yoga, didn't hike, and don't really feel rejuvenated. Eh.