Halloween Of Happiness

My children love Halloween. This pleases me because I also love Halloween, isn't that convenient? I am happiest between the high holy days of October 1 and January 1. I don't mind V-Day, though I have had a sad history with that day, and my spring birthday is groovy, but I love the season of Autumn and it's subsequent fetes, feasts and frolic.

My own mother was not a fan of Halloween. She was one of those shut all the windows down and lights off and don't let the kids in kind of houses. I'd just head to a party or to a friends house, but she was not. into. it.

So it pleases me greatly to get to support the kids in their own Halloween grooviness. I'd break the bank on it if I could (can I tell you how much I love those Cinderella Pumpkins? Pumpkin Patches? Animatronic Ghouls?, but I try to do my best with a regular budget.

Here are some photos of our recent start on the decorating front. We have a ways to go (especially since putting up cobwebs too early is a mistake) but the boys are happy.

The Postbox of Poison

The Hallway of Horrors

The Graveyard of Ghouls

The Confusing Stick-piles of Confusion