Girly Stuff

My in-laws, as I have mentioned were in town last week.  One of the things I really enjoyed doing, was spending time with my mother-in-law, because she truly enjoys girly things like pedicures and shopping.

I know I spend a bit too much time complaining about my mother. She had many strengths, not the least of which was math, fixing cars, building things, tinkering and crossword puzzles.  She was entirely uninterested in pursuits ala femme, and I can count on one hand the times we went shopping together. Certainly she was never interested in getting beauty treatments done with me or doing a mother daughter day on the town.

I sort of grew up not knowing how to do any of that, and though I try really hard, I'll never be a natural fashion plate.  I indulge myself in Vogues and shows like The Rachel Zoe project, but a) I don't have much of an eye for how to dress/decorate and b) I generally feel guilty about enjoying it as if its something that "smart" "practical" adults don't focus on.

So it was a real delight, especially on the day I visited Barbara, to get to go get pedicures, coffee, shopping and dinner with my momsinlaw.  It was leisurely, relaxing, enjoyable (both because of her company, but also because I got to be a good little consumer), and validating.  I got to be a girl and spent time with my other mother who enjoys many of the same things as I love.

Sometimes I still need a mother and that's ok.


  1. Yes, it is DEFINITELY OK.

    So glad you had a good time. Isn't it wonderful when you actually really like your mother-in-law?!


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