Ten Quirks

1) My favorite ringtone for my phone is the theme from Bewitched. I even have the little nose wiggle sound for incoming messages. I think I like this because of a) the show and b) the idea of being a witch. I'm not a witch. But I like the idea of being one from a feminist perspective. I don't identify with Samantha proper, just the idea of women and bad behavior.

2) I love the idea of getting flowers, but I don't really have a fetish for them. I tend to like wildflowers more than cultivated ones. I like this one particular flower though, Stock, I think it's called. It has an intense spicy scent that I really like. I like Star Lillies for the same reason. I don't want flowers that don't smell good.

3) If you ask me to help you paint a room, do not put me on detail work. I am strictly shock and awe, and a messy shock and awe at that.

4) While I avoid organized religions at all costs, I do tend to think that I'm a pretty religious person. I dislike admitting that, but I feel as if I approach the world from the perspective of one who must actually believe in god, even if she says she doesn't. Is that possible? I suspect I'm pagan, but I'm not earnest enough for them. I can't get into props and ritual probably.

5) Suitor/tresses don't, nor have ever, hit on me. This might be because I am a) impatient and act first most of the time, b) not really attractive enough for the type of person who hits on women to respond to me, or c) looking like I'm disinterested or something. I find it confusing. I've never minded being the aggressor, but it does leave me with the suspicion that maybe if I hadn't I'd never have dated.

6) I fall asleep pretty easily, but I wake up easily too and once awake, often find myself completely up. I don't remember the last time I slept a full and complete 8 hours. It probably was at a time when there were no kids around and I took Nyquil. I envy people who don't wake up at light noises or to have to pee.

7) I don't like live music shows unless they are in a very small venue and the sound is mixed very well OR there are in a venue I can dance (and others are dancing). I get obscenely bored just standing and listening. Like, to KILL, bored. I want to talk, or dance, or really be face to face engaged. This fact about me disappoints my husband. I blame ADD.

8) I have poor follow through and am not very strategic. I have great ideas...boy do I have ideas. I can get crazy worked up about things and launch....but I have issues making the nitty gritty happen. This makes me sad and I'm trying to figure out how to get better at the "boring" part cause if I could see how the work isn't tedious (hello ADD-thank you for letting me blame you again) I could accomplish real things, instead of blathering about things.

9) I am, at times, stupidly overdramatic. I feel things intensely and instead of filtering the real issues behind them, I often just blurt. This is stupid. Note, I didn't say earthshatteringly stupid. Just regular stupid. It causes problems.

10) I think high heels are incredibly sexy on other people. I hate wearing them for the most part. I don't mind wedge sandals, or shoes with straps around the ankles in some fashion, or shoes with a heavier heel for more support, but I don't like how I feel in them if I have to walk a lot. I don't wear stilettos nor do I want to. I realize they are sexier than my flats. I do. Come to think of it I don't wear tight clothing either, or keep my lipstick perfectly refreshed. Looks good on others, feels weird on me. I guess I just can't be that girl.


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