Recipe Tuesday

So I don't have much to offer at the moment, as I still feel a bit like a mack truck hit me, but I was watching Giada De Laurentiis yesterday, god love her, and I thought...I'd be thrilled to eat anything on this menu. While I had quinoa and salmon, I didn't have all of the other required ingredients nor the wherewithal to go and fetch them. I bastardized all of it.

First off, the salad looks wonderful. I love citrus in salad and caramelized onions? Yum. I've been on a huge fresh/raw/salad kind of kick lately and this looks precisely like a grand mix of health and decadence.

I did not make the salad, but I added romaine to the side dish....

Of herbed quinoa. I love quinoa and the addition of basil, lemon zest and parsley (thought I could maybe do without parsley, didn't have basil, so I substituted lime and cilantro), sounds heavenly. Quinoa is really really good for you. It's filled with protein and fiber and is great for folks who have gluten intolerance. Some people really dislike it, but not me!

And grilled salmon. Delish. I like how she uses agave syrup to help create a salty sweet crust. I didn't have agave, so I used honey and it caramelized up just fine.

Not perfect, but really healthy and tasty and easy.