Recipe Tuesday

I've been feeling the need to get my hands in some dough. I started this last night and while, it's a lengthy process, which I am generally opposed to, the need to knead is stronger than the irritation at waiting.

The lengthy part is waiting 24 hours for the dough to rest. I'll be making this tomorrow night; I'll make my own tomato sauce, which is pretty easy. Garlic thinly sliced and cooked very slowly over low heat in olive oil, crushed tomatoes, a pinch of sugar, salt and pepper and a bit of dried oregano.

Top with fresh mozzerella, basil, maybe some mushrooms

Best Pizza Dough Recipe Ever.

Last night however, I made a fun easy dish.

There is no name for this dish.

Pico de Gallo (Chris makes it and it's great. Just tomatoes, onions, bell and jalapeno peppers, cilantro)
Extra peppers and grape tomatoes
Salt and Pepper

Basically I just placed the salmon in an lightly oiled pan, covered with the chopped veggies, salt, pepper, lime and pico.

I baked it at 375 for about 30 minutes or so. Serve over rice.

It was light and yum.