Notes From Random 2

Let's see.

Prop 8 was overturned in California WHOOOOOOHOOOOOO! Bring it, Supreme Court! I went downtown and had a nice rally moment. I'm pleased as punch about the decision and the .

Back on the SHAC. Student Health Advisory Committee with the AISD. School stuff. Health stuff. Eventually, Sex Ed stuff. Good stuff.

Taking Melatonin may help me sleep through the night, but it's been providing me with wacktastic dreams that I must say are not very restful. One winner included me being IN Kubrick's The Shining. Not like..acting in it. But in it. Blood, scary sisters, death. Grand. Also lots of dreams about driving, only the car turns into a rubberband that I have to hop on, only it's still a car, and I'm a CIA agent and I'm late to my assignment watching a colicky cat that's a baby. I hate that.

We went to Ft Worth over the weekend and went to the zoo. Golly, I like their zoo. We were lucky enough to see the new baby bonobo and a 20 foot crocodile. The boys loved it and then only slightly begrudgingly tolerated the trip to the Amon Carter and the Modern. After animals and art, we went down to Burleson for some time with the kindly teetotalling grandparents. I'm not fond of Golden Corral is all I'll say about that.

Monday, as you should know as loyal readers of this aimless blog (though so few of you ever comment), I made the pizza dough and Tuesday we ate the pizza. Wasn't bad at all. Of course it would help if I had an oven that got to 800f, but what can you do. We've been extremely domestic and I'm pretty happy about that.

I've been feeling remarkably clear eyed recently about my role in things, feeling as if clouds have parted or as if scales have dropped from my eyes. More on that tomorrow.

I'm really into Janelle Monae. I just love her album.

That's really all I got today.