I've been married 15 years today, if I am doing the math correctly. We tied the proverbial on August 19, 1995.

It sounds pretty predictable to say things like, "He's my best friend." "I can't imagine life without him." and the like. But honestly....I can't imagine life without him.

Sure we've fucked things up at times. Sure we've made weird choices. I have a very difficult perspective on marriage, from my childhood mostly. I'm constantly expecting...well..let's just say I have some scar tissue which I expect to get ripped open even though situations are different and lives are different and I am different. I run away from ghosts a lot. And that's a costly thing to do and it probably doesn't do right by him. It's a failing on my part, but one I'm trying to be better about.

There are lots of things about him that I could go on about. His looks, his spirit, his wit. His ability to do things that I can't do. But, it also seems cliche to list the things I love about him. Mostly I want to say that his actions are probably the most impressive thing about him.

His actions, which I sometimes am often too dumb to fully take in and understand for what they are. His actions mean things. He's amazing. He's genius, basically.

He's amazing and I'm blessed to have spent the last 15 years (married) and 17 years (together) with him.

I love you and I always will and I always have.


  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary! Here's to many, many more.


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