Wicked Rest

It is official. After approximately 4 solid months of multiple creative projects, four glorious days in NYC, and after one of the longer and harder 8 week periods at work (with no real decomp time in between any of it and lest we forget there was also a triathlon, people), I am exhausted.

There is no rest for the weary, so I hear.

This summer has been a very odd one. My job involved some new duties and a new location. The work was both harder and more concentrated, but also more casual. I've not had to dress up. I have been living "camp" style. My trips to the gym were non-existent. My diet, certainly different, but again really odd.

I can't say that I feel well physically right now, both under nourished and over fed, muscles feeling neglected, body feeling bigger, different, skin looks tired. Clothes look...bland. Beige. Ill fitting.

I have dropped. Drop. Down. In a trough. Julie's down a well, Lassie, get help!

I was chatting with a friend and used the above phrase, only I said (cause I like that phrase better)...There is no rest for the wicked. He said, "Then stop being so wicked."

If only that was the answer. I am not wicked at all. I am about as good as it gets most of the time. I rarely let go enough for wickedness to even occur, though I get the distinct impression that many of my peers don't believe that. Sadly, it's true.
Between work, home, kids, my mother, and being an exceedingly responsible creative company member, I don't do many wicked things.

I don't suppose I even want to do wicked things or the things I do I don't think of as wicked. Or something akin to that. The things I want (though some of the things I want are wanted impossibly and truth be told could lead others to believe they'd be wanted wickedly), well I want them in wholesome ways. I suppose that doesn't make any sense. It makes sense to me, but I know that's not how others see it. That can't be helped and the last thing I'll do is change my wholesome outlaw ways just so other people can feel ok with it. I'm not wicked.

I'm tired is all.

I was going to spend the next few blog posts talking about two amazing movies I've seen recently and an incredible book I just finished, not to mention a couple of really different movement/acting projects I've got coming up. I will get to them, but right now the most wicked thing I can think to do is rest for a few days so that my weary wholesome self can do them up right.


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