Three Projects

1) A dance piece for the upcoming "Just Like The Rodeo." Had my first rehearsal this weekend and I'd forgotten how great, and how wonderfully challenging, choreographed work can be. This piece is up in September, the 25th I believe. A huge plus, the rehearsals are in this amazing artist's compound in southeast Austin. Just being there is like being far, far away in a land of nothing but the work.

2) Staged readings of a few really bizarre screenplays, including this gem. Minimal, but I'm imagining intense, rehearsals and a very motley crew of artists. Really looking forward to this.

3) Book Club. A friend and peer of mine may (or may not be) producing an improvised bodice ripper series. To inform the work, he's gathering artists to read novels from the 19th century forward, from Pride and Predudice all the way through Harlequin Romances. The process may be more informative and pleasurable than any before it, for it will mingle good friends, reading, talking and wine.

These are all small, contained experiences, and all involve new friends and new perspectives. I'm really quite happy about it.