Domestic Hestian

Tonight, or last night as the case may be when this post is read, I had an evening of total enjoyment. After a productive day, including long overdue filing and organizing, and an decent workout, I came home and made a lovely pasta for the boys (all 4 of them as the kids had friends over) and my lovely guy.

The lovely guy left to do some work, so while the kids were totally engaged with video games or the trampoline, I did the following;

painted my nails
plucked my eyebrows
did the dishes
read a nice article about Tilda Swinton
organized my makeup bag
ate Italian Creme Cake
began reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being at the behest of a friend

The additional kids determined that a spend the night was in order, so we set it up and now there is happy chaos ringing through the halls.

I like nights like this every now and so often.


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