Tomorrow, but not today, we are heading north to Ft. Worth to see the huge wonderful Zoo and to see the lovely Modern Art Museum, and to visit kindly relatives and eat fatty, starchy midwestern casseroles prepared by kindly teetotalling relatives.

Today, we will be doing all the things one does to prepare for such a trip, which includes but is not limited to doing laundry, packing snacks, folding clothes, eating vegan meals, printing maps, charging up gameboys, getting magazines, hiding wine in our bags and going to the gym.

We'll be back Saturday afternoon so that I may perform, as is my nature, in a show of epic improvisational scope, and celebrate the birthday of a deeply loved friend.

Then there will be rehearsals. Oh, the rehearsals that there will be!

Take care, oh ye blog followers, and more posts will appear in the days to come.


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