You've Never Felt The Rain My Friend, Till You've Felt It Running Down Your Back**

So today it rained. It rained and it poured. It thundered and deluged and water streamed and rivuleted down roads and filled up the creek that runs through the University and the little lazy trickle was suddenly turned into whitewater.

It was pretty marvelous.

One thing I love to do is to watch people, to see how people react to things like having to be outside in a storm, or getting caught unawares as the heavens open. I was out and about during much of it as I had to take boxes of things from one place to another and I saw gaggles of girls squealing prettily as the thunder came. I saw folks kick off their shoes and stomp. I only saw a few grouchy folks with heads ducking, as if ducking was gonna do any good (I did see frustrated frowns in cars, perhaps realizing the traffic to come, and traffic is enough to dampen most spirits lifted by a downpour).

Mostly, I saw a lot of laughter. About 6 months ago, maybe less, we had a day of bizarre snowfall. Huge flakes fell from the sky and left about an inch on the ground, which for central Texas is pretty impressive. This wasn't an ice storm, but snowfall. People gathered outside, faces amazed and open, like children.

Not too disimilar today, though snow doesn't soak you as quickly. Mostly people were happy and amazed at the loud bangs and bright flashes and racing streams. Seems like what with El Nino and such, we get wonderful rains every two years. It feels cleansing to dance in the rain, to be soaked, to smile and drip and participate in a simple, but forever kind of process. A joy that is natural, of nature, for us, but has nothing to do with us. We should appreciate it fully, nonetheless.

**So I leave you with a song I loved as a young kid, a song from Paul McCartney circa 1973. I realize post-Beatles McCartney isn't considered as good as Lennon, but I have a nostalgic love for Band On The Run and I was never cool enough for Lennon, anyway. The video is kind of trippy-weird, but hey, that's cool.


  1. I went out to bring the garbage cans back in yesterday afternoon, and wound up walking around in the storm for two hours instead, taking little video snips of rushing water from here to Barton Springs. I came back soaked inside and out, but it was tremendously refreshing and fun.

  2. The next time it rains, I'm going to watch people's reactions. I've never noticed them before.


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