Tonight, Silver Fingers And All

Tonight is our first fundraiser show for "Dusk, NYC" and we will be playing our sparkly little hearts out from 8:00 on at SVT. If you are in Austin, come and check it out. I'll be narrating, which means my choice of nail polish is important only to me, but still, it's a big deal folks.

We are going to NY soon and I'm pretty excited about it. Nervous too actually. Yeah, pretty nervous if you want to know the truth. What about? Lots of things I suppose. I wouldn't be me if I didn't get nervous about things, right? But some of it is about performing in a new space IN NEW YORK. And some of it is just about will I be able to manage without good sleep for that long, cause you know there are gonna be late nights. And if you want to know more and you know me well, ask me.

My lower back has been a wreck in the morning and I think the mattress may be well to blame. It is ten years old and I'd say it is time for a new one. I'd love to wait until we have a big enough space for a king, cause lord knows I love my room, but my back may demand change sooner than that.

I'm very very very upset about this article. It's safe for work, but it does deal with dying baby dolphins killed by oil off the Gulf. BP. Man.

I don't have time to rant the way I want to rant, but let me tell you I'm one cynical girl about that.