Show Notes

I'm in rehearsals for two shows at the moment. One is a remount of Dusk (improvised tween erotica based in no small part on Twilight) which we are taking to New York City in early July, and the other is a show called Who Is T. Henry Baudecliffe, which is based loosely on a composite of several outsider artists with a touch of Lynch thrown in for good measure.

Both shows are stylized which I like and both shows are highly physical, which I like even more. Last night's rehearsal was for T. Henry and we worked on a lot of silent scenes involving movement. We had already done a runthrough and it was nearing 10 pm and the odd music and late hour and my own physical tiredness allowed some interesting things to break through. Mentally I mean. I'm sure I wasn't doing anything different physically, but I had a couple of dizzy surreal moments at the end which were wonderful. Made me think about the 41 Hour Improv Marathon that just occurred and how the filters (that we usually have up to hide and defend ourselves) come down during times of exhaustion and stress and some very interesting stuff sneaks out.

Dusk too, is a physical show, relying on sexual tension, aggression and quick wits from the cast to help support actors who want to "fly" across stage. Lots of combat (yay!), and a few kisses (though darn it all, I'm usually never the one doing the kissing!), Dusk is also a show that utilizes the physical to tell a story. Which, as I mentioned before, is something I love.

What's really important here though is what fucking nail polish will I use? I've noted before that I have a history of finding a color of nail polish that sort of seals the character/tone of the show I'm in. For 69 Love Scenes, I had one character that was a bit of an envious clown so for that disc I wore this sheer green varnish. For Disc 3, where I played a love lorn guitarist, I didn't wear any nail polish at all cause I mean...I was too tough for beauty.

Since the color scheme for T. Henry is black and gray, and since in Dusk I wore an otherworldly metallic silver, I suppose I will double up and just go with that, though it seems repetitive. Efficient, though.

Fascinating to you all, I'm sure. But improv and it's subsequent costumery take up my brainspace at times and lucky you, you get to share in it!