Random, Early Morning, Tired, Dogs

The weekend has been surprisingly busy. We are taking care of some lovely animals a few blocks away. One is a tiny kitten, and I suppose I don't have to tell you that he is the main attraction for both the boys and myself. The two dogs were completely unsure about us when we came in to feed them the first time. Barking, growling in their kennels until I brought over their food bowls.

(I think their inner dialogue was something like...growl growl fierce kill protect house, um food, well, you must not be a burgler then. Pant pant, chew, belly up for the nice lady.)

The husband is up and out shooting a trailer for an upcoming Gnap show. I'll be heading out to the site after feeding the animals this morning. There will be horses at the site and the kids love them.

I don't know what I'll do prior to rehearsal, but I suppose that all depends on how long the shoot takes and my mood.

I had hoped to get a few good workouts in this weekend, but my back is still bothering me a little. Yogic poses and some walking seemed to be all I was up for. I had also hoped to do a little thrifting for some silly New York clothes, but that didn't happen. I've got time, but it doesn't matter much. I always assume I need to make a big effort for things like this and then it winds up that the effort wasn't really called for.

I've found with improv that the more preparation one does (or at least the specific kind that I am likely to try), the worse the show goes (for me). So really I just can't work too hard to create some kind of "New York" experience. It's gonna be whatever it is, and while there is an inner 14 year old who's pretty happy about getting the chance to perform there, it isn't gonna make much change in my world to go. My life isn't going to alter much. So the goal is merely to have fun and entertain some people, not let myself get too caught up in some adolescent fantasy.

I'm still tired a great deal of the time. I hate to say it, but I'm looking forward to mid July forward when my life might revolve a little more around the pool, cookouts, and kids. Summer and the pool and grilled meats sounds really good.