Last night, my husband and I went to a fundraiser for Salvage Vanguard, the theater in which I do most of my performing. It was a good night, lots of wine flowing and performances, and good music. Funny thing was how many people were in that theater from nearly every single year I've been in Austin, TX.

I've been here now nearly 12 years, which seems impossible, but there in the space, marking the ticks on the clock and the pages of the calendar were folks I met in 1998, 1999, 2000 and so forth. One fellow used to babysit Owen when Owen was pretty little. I'd not seen him since that time. And new friends too, made just this year.

So it was kind of a wonderful, yet odd, feeling to realize that we were still here, when we truly had no intentions to stay, and that we were still connected, even if by the thinnest spider threads, to a lot of amazing people. This town is a town of hubs and nodes. Seems like I can't meet anyone (even randomly, like our new neighbors) without realizing they know people in common. And given that this is the state's capitol, and a tech center, and a music center and a favorite landing spot of artists from around the world, everyone is about two degrees away from everyone.

Social media being what it is, even large towns turn small. I suppose that's probably because people like knowing what's going on no matter how urban or overwhelming the city structure gets, we all like to visit the watering hole.