Could It Have Been A Nearly Perfect Day

It could have been. Nearly, that is. Nothing is ever perfect, but yesterday was pretty damn close in terms of the way I'd like to be spending my time.

We were up with the sun to shoot a trailer for the upcoming Gnap Show, Guilds of Steel. Think World of Warcraft meets improv or thereabouts. So, actors in elven gear, trolls and princesses, and warriors-all being funny and human and meta. It was amazing to watch the husband do his thing and shoot the video.

We were lucky enough to get to shoot at the horse boarding farm of a company member and we used a real honest to god horse in the shoot. This farm is gorgeous, beautiful, peaceful and filled with dogs and hay bales, and beautiful design and of course, horses. Lots of them.

I wasn't a horsey girl for the most part, but can admit to longing for them in that way that many pre-teen kids do. I mean, come on. They are giant. Powerful. Dangerous, yet also not. Intelligent. You can ride them and they will serve you, but there is a very particular relationship of respect and strength you have to have. And they have wonderfully soft noses.

We took the boys out, as they love the farm. We fed the newest foal who likes the boys a great deal, and the kids had a blast just running around in the woods while we shot scenes of battle and mead drinking. They actually would do well to live on a farm. I think most kids would.

The rest of the day was spent at rehearsal for Dusk, which was super fun, and having dinner with good friends, which was just sort of wonderful because their youngest child started to walk in earnest a few days ago and is basically running on jet fuel trying to figure out the world. So he was fun to watch.

The end of the evening was spent with an accidental viewing of about 15 minutes of Jackass, which the boys (all of them :) thought was pure genius. I've never seen them laugh so hard.

The day was creative, wild and unencumbered and spent with people I love. And I realize that there are things that must be accomplished (like laundry and bills and paperwork), but days like yesterday let me accept the other side of things.