Certain Old Things Are New Again, And Newer Things Need Not To Get Old

Ever find something again that you thought you lost? Not an object, but a talent or dynamic or vocational activity. Me too. It's a good feeling and only proves to me that a) if something is a part of you you can't really lose it, and b) breaks are important and necessary.

So there's that.

I found the one thing, but seem to have lost my ability to work out, another important thing. I really need to get back to exercising. Man, it's hot. It's (insert your favorite phrase describing heat) that hot. And exercising in the heat is not fun for me. I'll admit my poor attitude about it, and sweating and feeling sticky for the rest of the day blah blah blah. Part of the issue (aside from the heat) is that my schedule is out of control during the day AND night. And taking the kids to the pool does not equal exercise. So I can't get a foothold back into the structure I had before when I was doing all the triathlon training. Which, let's face it, was a structure built by fear since I was scared I was gonna die on the bike.

Maybe I'll just wait until August.

Finally, ths weekend was Father's Day. I have a funny relationship with Father's Day as I lost my father pretty young. So I sort of lost that day for a good long time. Even when I married my guy, I felt funny wishing his dad a HFD. But now, my guy is the dad and the day and it's celebration is found again, and watching my kids with him is pretty fantastic. It's a Hallmark holiday, but I'm still glad to get to see it in my life again.