So something has fucked up my back. Be it an old mattress, or "flying" people around for Dusk, or stretching too much the wrong way, or lifting couches, or doing most of my computer work in a non ergonomic fashion, or letting people literally ride over me as I, and others, roll across the floor (no I can't explain, but it was a team building exercise), I have done jacked it up.

Perhaps I am just old.

A sad thing, because I have one rehearsal and two shows this weekend, all of which would benefit (and frankly and more honestly be more enjoyable to me if we are being honest, and I'm always a proponent of honesty) with me involved physically.

But being jacked up, or old, or both is worth taking a bit of a break. I'll do the shows but I'll not leap about or lift up people or contort myself and I'll feel better at least I hope I will. Sometimes chiropractic is needed and the way my lower back feels, I'm guessing it will come to that. Too bad, cause I need to be moving around.

I really hurts. Honestly.


  1. Yep. The old back, it's just lame. Strangely, I find myself kind of leaving my body during shows, so if I'm sick or sore or infirm in some way, I completely forget it until I walk off stage and come down a bit, and then I'm all, "oh, right... ow, sniff, wah wah" again. The performing brain (and body), it's a strange thing...

  2. That happens to me too, but I don't want to push things this time and make it worse!

  3. I'm sure you tweaked it in rehearsal - or lifting something - I don't think the mattress or age would do this to you by itself and so suddenly. Time for a chiro intervention.


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