So the first time around the rink (after greeting the lovely birthday girl who was happily receiving her guests), to a little GaGa, my legs were like, say what girl? And for the life of me it was as if I'd never skated before.

The second lap, after some cake and a strawberry, to the smooth tones of JT, my body seemed to be recognizing this weird action of wheels on smooth floor, hips and shoulders starting to coordinate, knees and ankles remember how to push and bend into curves.

The final lap, after a fun conversation about improv, was to Gorillaz and then a little Montell Jordan, and felt like a key settling into a lock, body saying OH HELL YEAH, smile on face wind in hair, lights on floor, sailing through bodies, dance and rolling and pop music put together in one fun package.

It's been about 10 years since I've skated. I was never a great skater pulling off the ice dance routines like a few people can, probably because I skate once every ten years, but I'm thinking it would be a good thing to try to do once a month or so. Really fun.

I like that muscle memory stuff, when your pathways all connect past to present and your body takes over and you just go.


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