So Tuesday was skating, and it was good.

Wednesday, it appeared a woodland creature, or urbanland creature, was taking the carrots away from my roly polys. Indeed, now two whole carrots, barely nibbled were gone, one day after the next. Unless the RPs are learning how to devour their vegetables overnight, or a neighbor finds the rootish display offensive. But given the sneaky look I saw on the face of a baby possum VERY NEAR the Roly Poly central, and the guilty speed which he took off, I figure it was him.

I worry about them, my crustaceanesque pets.

Wednesday night rehearsal for T Henry last night was so much fun. I love the physical play we are all getting up to, and working with new folks (and a couple folks I've been in several plays with) is a delightful combo.

69 Love Scenes rehearsal tonight, Thursday, was super, I love reaction pieces and silent scenes and I've been so lucky to have such sad characters to play. Lots of depth to tussle with. Heading out soon with the fella to watch some sketch comedy at Coldtowne.

Work has been crazybusygood so I'm looking forward to the three dayer. There will be thrifting, soccering, gym-ing (finally-I went running tonight for the first time in weeks), and in-sleeping. I think we might head up to Marble Falls to do some berry picking, or vineyard exploring, or maybe just a local picnic will suffice.

I'm working on a post about my childhood experiences with religion after getting into a fun convo on Facebook. Which is one thing Facebook is good for, and I admit I'm on it too much. I bet you can't wait for that one! Monday!