Let's take a little break from all the longing and pondering and soul connecting to mention that I have to do the Danskin Tri in about 4 weeks and I can just NOT get it up to make this shit happen.

I am not, at heart, a sporty person. I dance and I'm very physical, and I love nearly all forms of expressive movement, but I don't really connect to sport as an outlet for the physical response. The tri was really damn hard and frankly, now knowing what I'm in for the second time around, I'm far more intimidated than before.

Mostly, I'm kind of not excited about the biking component. All those cars! Plus, the next tri is in June and it's gonna be hot, y'all.

On top of the mental malaise it seems like I've had one cold or another for the last four weeks. Or perhaps it's pollen. It's been oak season and seems like all of us in our house have been coughing and sneezing and sinusiting and sounding like the last act of Camille for ages.

(I had this funny thought while on Nyquil the other day, about the pollen in the air. Our allergies are basically autoimmune reactions to another species sex act. All that yellow pollen coating everything? Golden orgasmic residue of oak trees. And it gets in our noses, you guys.....think about it)

So I have to get well and end the self induced intermission from exercise. I have to get crackin' and get back to getting in gear and get on the tri train training trend.

Starting today. Yep. Ok. We'll see.


  1. Darlin', let's just agree to finish. This damnbambo 1/2 mile swim has me nauseous. We agreed to this to just get out of our comfort zone. Hello?! We are THERE!


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