There are a million roly polys on my carport. Every two years there is an explosion of rolys. I have no idea where they come from or why each spring they mate with apparent abandon. I should google, I suppose. Nope, nothing on the mating habits after a cursory exploration.

Well, apparently they mate, a lot, every two years in my car port. Or they are having some kind of SXSW situation. The first time it happened I would sweep them into a pile and toss them, only to find more of them the next day. I leave them now and haphazardly crunch them.

There was the tiniest snake on the back patio. I thought, when I first saw it, that it was a worm. I bent down to check it out and it was slithering, arching up and the smallest flicker of a tongue peeked out. It was not at all happy about me messing with it and whipped around with a frenzy. I whisked it into a dustpan and deposited it into the bushes.

We saw a 10 day old filly on Saturday. I don't know if you've ever held a filly in your arms, touching their soft fur and looking into their huge eyes? Highly recommended.



  1. "Or they are having some kind of SXSW situation."


    I wonder if they're drinking copious amounts of beer and getting their teeny cameras confiscated...


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