Who Tries, And Why

Actually, I don't know. I have no concrete data on who decides to do a tri. I have instincts, though. I think, so far as the women are concerned, you find a few general groups.

1) Sporty women of any age who have always been sporty.
2) Academic women who use a marathon or triathlon as a physical mirror to their dissertative work. Chris has met tons of women who have done this.
3) Women who have hit 40 to 50 and have had kids and are over being maidens and nearly through with being mothers and want to pull up into their warrior energy.

I would be of the latter caste.

What I enjoyed about the scene was that, while there were some supermodel looking women there, there were heaps and heaps more just "regular" women. Women with big hips. Women with paunches. Women with messy hair. Women with freckles, short legs, small breasts and uneven skin tone. All types, all heights, all ages. All capable of kicking ass and exhausting themselves.

The cynical part of me figured that triathloning is a pretty privileged kind of game. You need upwards of $1000 to pull it off (good bike, helmet, swim gear, bike clothes, running shoes, coaches or classes, gym membership and registration fees). You need time to train which generally means a white collar professional life or the like. You need to have little else to challenge you? A way to socialize? "Hey Book Club! Let's train for the Danskin!"?

I did NOT spend that kind of money, because I borrowed my bike. But I have spent a goodly amount on gear and fees. And I have access to a good gym with childcare and a marriage that supports me being all out triathloning. And if my dear friend hadn't of asked me to join her in her venture I can honestly say that me doing this whole thing might not have happened.

So I dunno. Why climb mountains? Why start businesses? Why do improv and make up stories on stage? I guess regardless of the age, color and financial status, people just like challenge of all sorts. And physical challenge has been a core part of primate existance since time began. We still need it I think. I do or I become a very cross little chimp.*****

******I'm not all that chimp-like, but it was the best animal comparison I could come up with today.