Week In Review

Most of this week has been a crazy wash. While I have been at work, and effectively so, my children have both been sick with a nasty stomach virus and my husband (sweetly, thankfully) has picked up the slack.

I've not gotten a chance to touch base with the gym component of my life. I did go running last night in the rain, which felt good but I nearly shorted out my ipod. It's gonna be quirky, permanently now.

This weekend is the last weekend of a show I'm in. I'm in the show tonight and I'm feeling uncertain and unsettled about it all. I don't know. Maybe there's just been too much going on, too much sick, too much work, too much commitment back and forth and around. Not enough time spent with people that I really care about. One can either work, or socialize. The trying to build the socializing into the work doesn't usually, well, work.

I"m feeling a bit low today for some reason. My left eye is starting to hurt again, which makes me wonder if I did something yesterday while running, or if I just have that muscle spazzing out.

I don't have time to be low. I don't have time to be ineffective or to waste mistaking goats's beards for stallion's tails. Don't you love that? I got that phrase from a work activity involving quotes. Apparently, it's an old saying. Means, I suspect you already know, don't make too much of that which is not what you think it is.

I think I'm prone to doing that.

Maybe I'm just burnt out. Maybe it's hormones. Maybe it's just residual tiredness from my ridiculous adventure over the weekend or remnants of germs from the children, or just exhaustion from the deep "I can cover it up and ignore it" well of tired that is my core these days.

Dunno. All I know is I need to be a villain tonight, and I'm feeling decidedly NOT villainous. I think I'll just go with that and see what happens.