Spread Me Out In Sheets Of Paper

You had a busy day today......

I am not really a spreadsheet person. I know several of them who can work wonders with merged cells and pivot tables and color codes. But not me. I can never figure out what frame will work best on a topic, up or over or how to organize the information in such a way that makes sense even to me. I do far better reading a narrative document of events.

Today marks the first day in what can only be considered a marathon event. I have rehearsals, work events, festivals, birthdays and constant, consistant organizing of all of the aforementioned events and yes, I'm still supposed to be training for the Danskin. Foolishly.

Thus my wrestling today with an anaconda sized spreadsheet for the Ladies Are Funny Festival (trying to make a bible on volunteers, tech, staff, casts, events, needs, beer drinking and more all in one completely easy to understand GoogleDoc) first on my desk in paper version, then on the online format and then I gave up and just wrote it all down like a story. Which somehow led me straight to Elton.

Tiny Dancer is an amazing song. I've always loved it. I have no idea why it popped into my head, but it did and it coaxed me into this post, so there you go.