Run Me Like A Racehorse

In what appears to be a "compare myself to animals" theme and in hopes of moving away from the sadly meandering tone of yesterday, I was realizing that it has been quite a long time since I've been to the gym, and I also realized that I was starting to get kind of twitchy and stompy, like a horse what's been in the barn for too long.

I'm happiest when I've been worked near to death, at least physically. Mentally is fine, but my body gets all wonky and then my mind gets even wonkier, if there isn't a consistent level of aerobic/stressburningoutishness. I did the tri last week and took a few days off. I've run twice but in terms of focused workouts, yeah I'm off my game.

Part of the issue with getting used to that level of exercise is that it takes up a damn lot of time. I trained for a sprint tri and if I were to keep up that regimented training I'd need at least two days a week to train two hours or more. I have no idea how folks training for marathons or olympic tris get the workouts in.

I was semi exhausted Monday and developed a sore throat and a sad attitude Tuesday, because while perhaps not running like a racehorse, I've been working like a draft horse, so maybe not a trip to the gym today...but I need to get back on the wagon, back in the saddle, and back on the treadmill. More than anything, I need to have a consistent pattern again. Things are pretty busy through May 9, but I have to get back to some semblance of self care and also...I still have another tri to go, which given the sad attitude, seems impossible. Then again, maybe if I went to the gym my brain would start behaving itself.