Past Their Due Date

I have had a couple of posts fermenting in my head, or gestating in my womb or some such. Haven't made it to the page yet.

One is about the difference between envy and jealousy. Interesting that many people use the two words interchangebly when they are different animals all together (jealousy is more about fear of losing what you have/envy is more about wanting things other have). I'm not sure of the point of the post though, so I'm having a hard time with it. Suffice it to say, I struggle with envy more than the other demon.

The other is about domestic duties, and how much work goes into just keeping one's home and home life operating at an efficiency and style level close to even, say, one third of that as Martha Stewart, or some other "real simple/diy" Hestiatic guru. That post keeps coming out either bitter or self congratulatory (in spite of my clear cut failures to maintain a queenly order to my home). Suffice it to say I don't think family can do so unless they have one person at home to actually make the awesome happen. Or housekeeping. I suppose I'm envious of those who have those options.

(ah, there's how the two ideas mate and come together into an actual post)

Suffice it also to say, that having absolutely no work or theater responsibilities this weekend, I have spent the better part cleaning, organizing and catching up on what I have not been at home to do. That sounds entirely too gendered as I type it. My husband is actually prone to enjoying work of a domestic nature. The home space is pretty important to him (and the lawn is freshly, beautifully coiffed thanks to him). But he, even more than me these days, is kept away by work and responsibilities. So I took up the mantle housecleanathoned slowly, steadily and with music playing on and on.

Now I'm sitting in my yard, writing and planning dinner. The kids wanted strawberries at the store today, and those funny little spongecakes with the bowl shape. So I figured I'd make some kid friendly shortcake, but add fresh basil and balsamic vinegar to our strawberry mix. Then I figured I'd just make sure the whole meal had a basil theme to it. Salad with tangerines and basil, fresh tomato sauce with basil, strawberries with basil.

We've got lots of basil growing (and way way too much sage and oregano).

Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't be just as happier (or moreso) if I just up and quit all the busy and loud and just stayed inside the confines of my home, making things work, making things lovely and good, finding quiet and still. I don't know.

I do know, that I like it when the house is clean and calm, as it is today. And that my meal tonight will involve fresh foods and flavors of the garden.