I was once compared to an otter. I think it was meant as a compliment, that I was sleek and silly all at once, just as apt to swim smoothly through the ocean, big soft eyes luring you in, as well as capable of floating on my back in a saucy fashion, cracking open sea urchins with a rock on my head.***

We have lots of playful sexy sleek and sassy creatures sailing our way in just a few weeks, to perform in the 4th annual Ladies Are Funny Festival. Women, as you know, are fucking funny. And when you get a whole heap of them in one small space, well...hilarity is gonna ensue. Big soft eyes are gonna lure you in, and someone is probably gonna get a sea urchin cracked open on their head.

There will be beer.

Check out these links, buy tickets, come laugh with us.

*** Yes I know it's a stretch but it is, as mentioned earlier, compare myself to animals week. So far as animals go, otters are pretty rad.


  1. Looking forward to it with happy anticipation, Julie, the way y'all will be trafficking in the lafficking & mafficking. LAFFFTW!

  2. You ARE a playful, sexy, sleek and sassy creature!


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