Last night was the opening of Apocalypse. The show went really well, hit all the marks and it seemed both the audience and the cast had fun.

I was the narrator, which is a terrifying and tiring/draining job in my opinion. A lot rests of you and your ability to a) follow the story b) guide the story without being too controlling, c) add world building elements. And you wind up on stage alone, just you with no one to hide behind, or as I like to call it, collaboration.

I don't much like being on stage alone. It's a very very frightening feeling for me. Oddly, while I enjoy being onstage, I think I'm probably most comforatable as "color", not main characters. Probably has something to do with both the responsibility of carrying the show (and with improv that's a lot of work) and also doubting I can do it. Or do it well, at least compared to my expectations of myself.

Boring neurotic actress crap.

I think my only real notes about the show last night would be that people were missing offers. The Hero did some cool things in regards to sniffing or smelling dead bodies which the cast didn't see. I did, but I didn't pause the action to let the group know what that was.

A castmate watching the show thought I held back. I probably did. I didn't have a very firm grasp of "who" I was, other than my dirty scroungy costume and my weirdly old looking face covered in silver (WHICH IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN AN AWESOME THING TO NOTE, given that the show was about nanobots, which could be metallic looking).

After reviewing, I think I looked so very much like my least favorite aunt I though I'd best get myself to a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon stat. Man,the weird faces I make on stage. Man, I thought I was looking youngish, but I fear it is all creeping in on me.

Boring narcissitic actress crap.

I thought the show in general was lovely. There were some very sweet moments, some hilarious comic ones and everyone had a good time. I have some things to post about how each cast is so different, that the interactions between actors seem influenced by the theme of the show, how warm ups have changed the tone and relationships between people.

That's for later and is likely boring theoretical actress crap. I find it interesting anyway and I'd love to act as a.....group mind coach or something given what I've learned.

Today I cleaned house, went to the gym (and I'm going to have to focus more on weights now I think, as this triathloning isn't making a whit of differenc in my physical shape. My stamina and ability, yes. My shape, no).

The store was rampaged through, food was bought, cycle helmets procured and I think I'm gonna nap soon.

I have an audition tomorrow. A cold reading. How long has that been, since I've done one of those. I don't want to even guess, but I think it's been at least 15 years or so. The husband and I are going to spend some time tomorrow focusing on the short improv film we've got going on. I'm gonna try to finally nail down some dance classes.

That's it for now.