Interstitial Sports Post Because The Last Post Was A Bit Heavy

So I mentioned that I had signed up for the Danskin Triathlon. That's in June and I'd say training is going reasonably well, but I need to actually step it up to the point where I'm combining elements of the race, like swimming and biking or biking and running.

I'm pretty set with my ability to run three miles or bike 12, but the point of the tri is to actually do ALL OF THEM IN A ROW.

Luckily I now have significant reason to step it up; the Aquarena Springs Tri on April 11. We are going to do that one as a dry run of sorts. See how well or badly we do and then have two months to improve from there.

I find it funny I'm doing any of this. Certainly you could have not have told my high school self I EVER would have been doing this. Sixteen year old Julie would have probably kicked you right in the shin with her doc marten sheathed foot and with an irritated flounce of her vintage dress, she'd have gone off to ballet class.

I hated gym class. I hated having to run laps. I hated anything sporty at all. I was not a team player. While I was in the Marching Band it was only so I could play in Symphonic. I had issues with the football team.

And now I'm getting all sporty spice, running/biking/swimming and considering Roller Derby Improv. It's really weird. But good. Sometimes I like me much better now than then.