How I Spent The Past Two Days

Saturday I was woken by thunderstorms and high winds which was lovely. I headed over to the gym after pancakes and yogurt for a "minitri" which is basically me trying to do all the parts of the tri in a row. I did a touch over half each. A 1/3 mile swim, 7 miles on the bike, a touch over 1.5 miles running.

I was pleased at how I did. I felt a little spacey afterwards, which passed quickly, but mostly I felt calm and still inside (which is a rare feeling....seems it takes running me like a greyhound in order to chill me out. What can I say, I'm high strung).

I was supposed to head to La Boite Cafe for free shows and free beer but the rain had swept in a cold front and so it was mucky and miserable. The bands were canceled and so the boys and I watched movies and hung out. At the moment of the Vernal Equinox, we danced around in the yard. It was pretty sweet.

The kids decided that having a "birthday party" for me that night would be a good idea. We invited our lovely neighbors over and had pizza and then the kids and I stayed up playing games and more movies.

Sunday found me happily reaping the benefits of hard core working out, with one of my besties taking me out to Juan In A Million (YUM). After that, I had another kick ass rehearsal for Apocalypse which is going to be so, so great. I adore those guys. Then another amazing group of friends got take out from Graj Mahal, challenged the children to an "art exhibit contest" and ate dense rich chocolate cake.
A fine couple of days.