Dudes. I have two weeks until my first triathlon, The Texas State Tri at Aquarena Springs. Shit.

I'm doing a bike training with V tomorrow. I feel good about the swim, though this will be a relatively chilly swim. I feel decent about the biking. I'm most worried about the last third, the run. I'll be tired and spent and I hope I can make it through.

And of course, because I'm me, I've got other things to do that day. Good job Jules.

I say again, if you had told 12 year old, 17 year old, 25 year old, 32 year old hell even 40 year old Julie that she'd be doing a tri? She'd have probably kicked you in the shin and laughed at the ridiculousness of the thought.

And yet here we are. And I'm pretty fucking proud. To finally, at this point in my life be.....athletic! That's really something.


  1. Absolutely awesome, Julie! I felt the same way about athletics (and a few other things) a few years ago myself. Haven't quite got the tri-athelon jones -- stoopid knees! -- but I love, love, love the biking, karate, and weight training regime. Started it all when I was 41.

    Break a leg!

  2. Dudes, I'm commited and I'm going. I'm going.


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