Dream Police

A friend of mine posted that she had a dream about rattlesnakes and it got me thinking. I have had loads of snake dreams in my day (paging Dr. Freud), and I pondered the themes of my dreams. Boring maybe, but it's my blog and I'll dream if I want to.

They seem to go like this....

The Bad:

Snakes-usually coils and piles of poisonous snakes either around my bed or throughout the house. I get no help from the people, usually my mother, in the house. I am often bitten and quite afraid as the wound begins to numb and tingle and I cannot get anyone to help me to the hospital.

Tornadoes-I'm somewhere where I see bands of twisters heading for the area I am located. Usually there are three or four tornadoes at at time and they are large and black and powerful. Generally, they pass over us or head abruptly in the other direction. The dreams are scary but also beautiful.

The Haunted House-Traditionally, this dream is set in my Aunt's house and the rooms upstairs are quite clearly filled with some kind of dangerous negative energy. An energy that I can feel as soon as I walk in the room. A buzzing electric dread kind of feeling. Over the past few years though, I've had a few dreams similar where the house is my house, quite roomy, and the downstairs basement wing has a section that is decidedly evil. The feeling in the dream is just terrible. The closer to the room, the worse the buzzing dread is...I want to confront the feeling, but it is terrifying.

The Good:

Swimming and breathing underwater-crystal blue water, warm and soothing, and I'm able to breathe and swim for miles. These are such happy dreams that I feel nearly sad when I wake up.

Not Quite Flying-I'm able to jump and hover and float gently down to the ground. The feeling is exquisite. These have occurred more and more as I've aged and I really love them.

The Worst:

Betrayal-I find out that my father, who died when I was 8, has been alive the entire time I was growing up. I discover he is alive and I confront him. It is clear he just wasn't into being my dad or mom's husband so he faked his death to get away from us. Sometimes mom knew about it and kept the information from me. Pretty fucking harsh.

The Best:

Birth-either midwifing a baby being born or having one of my own, I've had these dreams since puberty. They are usually very viscerally realistic but also overwhelmingly emotional and powerful. Oddly, after I finally had a child, I was amazed at how real the dreams were. My very favorite was when I was still in high school, I dreamed that I was suddenly pregnant and gave birth (easily of course) in our bathroom. Weeping, I went to my mother and showed her her grandson. She was at Owen's birth, so that's kind of damn cool to me.....

Ultimately, I suppose we all have recurring themes in our brains at night, both good and bad, perhaps steering us in one direction or the other....a kind of mental clean up crew or perhaps security force, letting us know what we need to focus on, flying or fearing, love or betrayal.

Or maybe not. Anyway, rock out a little this cloudy Tuesday AM.


  1. I've had incredibly vivid dreams ever since I was little, and I actually share a few of your recurring ones (Tornadoes, Breathing Underwater and Not Quite Flying). Much to They Guy's amusement, I also talk in my sleep.


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