The Thing Is, I Should Know By Now

It's been an exciting week. Lots and lots of "new" stuff. New office, new people, new roles and goals, new announcements to the old staff about the new stuff. New keys, new coffeepots and microwaves and me on a bit of an adrenaline high. Not a big one. I was pretty pleased that I wasn't feeling "too" perky or too new. I rode the new pretty well.

But still, there always comes a point in the new, when my brain just says, "Ok, that's enough of fucking that.", and I feel a crash. I haven't really exercised all week, not in a significant way. I've eaten poorly as well. So where I would have probably glided through the new into the weekend (with the aforemention healthy living in my system), things just started to get bumpy sooner than I expected.

I had a lot to do tonight (meetings, a show, family stuff), but a headache of epic proportions kicked in around 2 pm or so and my body just got all shaky, and I called a lot of it off. I went to get the kids after work, who were having bad moments of their own for some reason, the eldest especially.

We spent the car ride home talking about improv and doing some "Yes, And" scenes, and blessedly they had no homework so I used up a Bad Parent card and sent them straight to the TV. With Cheetos, even.

Sometimes you just need Cheetos and Chowder. Or 45 minutes on a treadmill and quinoa, but you know what I mean. I'm gonna rest tonight and hopefully feel up to going out tomorrow night. No point in pushing it.