I went running today with Victoria. She's always a breath of fresh air, a force of nature, and a true friend. We are in training for a triathlon and decided to go to Town Lake to run the three mile loop.

Everyone else in Austin also decided to get out to the Hike and Bike. It was gorgeous out. We ran, and walked, and sprinted and talked about nutrition and all the tips she's learning in the more formal classes on Triathloning. We people watched and dog watched (man, the puppies were out!) and enjoyed running.

Then we went and got tapas and wine. Cause that's how we bring that shit.

We sat in the sun (and god didn't it feel so good on my skin) and talked about relationships, poly and otherwise. She's so good at helping me figure things out. It's important to be able to talk about things honestly, get advice, deal with the different models. Good stuff.

Home now, with a nearly 10 year old who just got a new skateboard. He's fucking rad.

A good day.